Holding On and Letting Go

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Damon and Elena: Our Time to Rise? Or Our Time to Fall?


Well, folks, ladies and gentlemen and DE shippers around this great and divided world, the official PRE-nominations for the 2015 PCA’s were announced earlier this afternoon and not surprising to many of us was the joyful announcement that Ian and Nina/Damon and Elena had been nominated in the newer (but still AMAZING) category of “Best TV Duo.”

This is something that should have been met with overwhelming elation and celebration within our fandom considering that we already had made our mark the year before, and have already won TWO physical awards already.

But of course there was drama right from the start.

This time, it was not over any ship war or even Ian and Nina, per se, it was instead about the terror *insert sarcasm* of whether or not Ian would DARE bring Nikki to the awards ceremony. This, as a result, affected some of the fandoms decision to vote for their couple.

Let me be the first to say…ARE YOU JOKING RIGHT NOW?!? 

For those of you who are acting petty about Ian taking Nikki to the PCAs (possibly!) have  you actually let your hatred of his personal life sink so low that you would put the chances of Damon and Elena winning a THIRD televised award in jeopardy? 

Is this the way that it’s supposed to be? That every single time there is a risk of Nikki being brought to something like this, that you would rather not see them win anything at all? Because let me tell you, that is SAD. 

We are supposed to be united for this fandom and instead we remain one of the few loyal ones who is actually, consciously choosing to vote for our OTP, as though it should be a consideration at all! 

Let me tell you something, last year we beat out the Glee fandom and some of the biggest out there to claim the prize of ‘Best Chemistry’ and now we have the chance, once again, of proving to everyone out there how passionate we all are and THIS is what happens?

If you are one of the people reading this and have made the decision NOT to vote solely because of Ian and Nikki, then please, exit this fandom immediately because clearly Delena is not your priority if you are going to sit back and nitpick over this.

If you consider that Delena is currently the FIRST couple to ever win TWO physical awards and could have one more coming, then why would you not choose to differentiate between the drama and the fandom? 

For those who you are ARE choosing to vote in spite of all this, I am terribly sorry for this rant but it needed to be said. 


Am I seriously the only person that ships damon and elena so hard that they get sort of angry at the very hint of anything romantic between them and anyone else???